SSS’Dal are an ancient race, secretive about their origin and their place in society.   SSS’Dal are silicoid based creatures, and have changed form over the years.  SSS’Dal once had crystalline skin and jagged features; but over the millennia they have adapted to look almost identical to Humans, with the exception of their four eyes, which are grey and lack pupils.  Some believe SSS’Dal are in a state of forced evolution caused by the expansion of Humans into their territory, but others believe they are adapting to be more Human-like for a more sinister purpose.  SSS’Dal are more intelligent than the average Human, and more agile.

Racial Bonus: No piloting checks required for moving in water.

Appearance: Few have ever seen SSS’Dal in their natural form, and many do not even realize that SSS’Dal have a form other than humanoid.  While they are Human in size and shape, their skin is typically a grayish hue, and their hair varies from white to grey.  Their most notable feature is their four pupil-less eyes; they have standard human sized eyes, with smaller inset eyes behind them.  These eyes are always grey and unmoving, but they do blink at times.

Civilization: SSS’Dal were at one time the only race standing in the way of Human expansion.  They are also a great spacefaring race, but they lacked Human’s numbers and aggression.  Some believe that when Humans conquered SSS’Dal lands, the SSS’Dal were forced to evolve into Humanoid shape or face extinction; other researchers believe SSS’Dal chose to adapt to spy on Humans, as no SSS’Dal homeworld is currently known.   SSS’Dal insist they were born “of the stars” and did not come from a homeworld.

Names: SSS’Dal have a language that is both hard to speak and understand for other races, and their names reflect the language.  They often have separations in their name, almost making it sound like two separate names.  Examples include Tra’Lih, Ko’Dak and Shren.

Sociology: At one time, SSS’Dal were Human’s most hated enemy.  Over the millennia, hated turned to general acceptance and even appreciation, as they have adapted to Human society and have proved to be great allies to Human causes.  There is still a great deal of mystery and suspicion surrounding them, but resentment towards them has definitely lessened since their early history.

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