Common Equipment

The Universe is filled with the ruins of countless unnamed conflicts, large scale wars and history altering battles. All of these battles have left Mech parts and pieces scattered across the universe, which are easier to replace than to repair for a large army. Junk yards are filled with parts from dead mechs, and you’ll often see housing in less refined areas built from salvaged mech armor.

When you are building or modifying your Mech, you are limited by three factors: Tonnage, Critical Space, and Availability. Tonnage and Critical Space are listed on the charts below (if you don’t know how to build a Mech, you shouldn’t be building your own Mech yet), but a concept we use in Mech D20 is availability. All of the items listed below are considered “Common”, as in, they are readily available to anyone looking for one, with no real effort or cost. If you want to switch your weapons or armor around between missions, you can easily find any of these parts lying around for use on your Mech.

Equipment is divided into five categories:

  • Ballistic Weapons: These are weapons that fire physical projectiles at a target; such as a Machine Gun or an AutoCannon.  They typically generate little heat but require more tonnage.
  • Energy Weapons:  These are weapons that convert energy into light or heat, doing damage to an enemy.  These typically require less tonnage but generate more heat.
  • Missile Weapons:  These are weapons that launch self-propelled projectiles at your target.  Some systems, such as Short- and Long-Range Missile systems do random damage, but have good range for their tonnage and damage.
  • Physical Weapons:  These are weapons used to make physical, as in close combat attacks against the target.  This includes Hands to punch a target or a RotoSaw to rip a target into pieces.
  • System Upgrades:  These are items that are not weapons, such as added Heat Sinks or defensive weapons, such as an Anti-Missile Machine Gun.

You can click on any chart to get a more detailed explanation of the weapon systems.






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