Premade Mechs

We currently have six Premade Starting Mechs, for new players.  They are pretty good.  We will expand this when we have a chance, but feel free to download these as you need too.  They were made with an excel sheet we will eventually post over in the Build a Mech page.  Starting Mechs begin at 40 tons.



Brute Mech

This is a Mech for those wanting to beat the heck out of their opponents with fists and large sticks.  It has good movement for a hulking mech and some decent armor.



Command Mech

This Mech has a wide variety of weapons, and is useful in helping its allies hit their targets. Players who pilot this Mech should be tactical thinkers.



Defense Mech

Some Mechs are designed to do more than just blow up an opponent. This Mech can get in another Mech’s face and keep it pinned there, beating it to pieces and keeping it from escaping.



Laser Mech

This is a Mech for who understand Heat Management. With dual Large Lasers, this mech can generate a large amount of damage, but even more heat. This Mech is great for destroying enemies at all ranges.



Missile Mech

This is a very simple Mech with a very simple concept- destroy your enemies from afar. You can shoot your targets at great distance, destroying them while hiding behind your allies.



Repair Mech

This Mech has some offensive capability, but is also very instrumental in keeping his Lance operational, as it has the equipment necessary to repair damage on the battlefield. It can be used to repair itself as well; no one said who this Mech has to repair.



Scouting Mech

This Mech has very high mobility and a weapon capable of doing damage to structures, so it is designed to get up close and finish the mission. It can also set its opponents ablaze.



Slug Mech

This is the simplest Mech at this weight, but incredibly effective at most ranges and with a huge upgrade potential. Simply it launches fast damage at its enemies, without worrying about heat.

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