Energy Weapons

Energy Weapons take electricity generated by the Mech’s engine and convert it to light and heat, damaging or disabling enemies.  Energy weapons typically generate more heat as they draw power directly from the engine, but as result they are typically lighter and less bulky than other weapons, and don’t require ammunition.  Lasers are the most common type of Energy Weapons, but that energy can be converted to other forms inlcuding heat (flamers) and pulses that disable (EMP’s and Scramblers).


Flamers shoot a jet of high energy plasma over a small area.  In addition to damaging the target on a hit, the target’s Heat is increased by 2 for each flamer that hits it.

Lasers (Small, Medium, Large) are scaled versions of the same weapon; a focused beam of light that damages the target with specific energy.

Particle Projection Cannons (PPC) are very similar to lasers, except they fire so much energy at a target it is condensed into a thick ball of plasma.

Targeting Lasers do no damage, but give you and possibly your allies a bonus to hit the target.  They will last until the end of your next attack phase, as a general rule.

Directed Electromagnetic Pules (EMP) convert the electricity into a sharp pulse that can shut down a target’s electronic systems.  Non-motorized infantry are immune to this weapon.

Scrambler Rays work similar to an EMP, except that the signal target’s an enemy’s targeting computer, giving it a penalty to attack rolls.  Non-motorized infantry are immune to this weapon.

Burst Weapons take the same effect as the normal weapon and apply it to all other targets within range (including both allies and enemies).  When you fire a burst weapon, make an attack roll against every target within range, applying range bonuses as necessary.


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