Dolviss are an aggressive race of Crustaceans conquered by Humans many centuries ago.   Many prisoners of that war were forced into gladiatorial combat, which evolved into a professional sports league.  At some point, it was realized that a Dolviss’ natural ability to fight could be an asset on the battlefield.  Dolviss are a complex race with a number of secretions that give them very specific odors for various life rituals; things are further complicated by a third gender being present in the race.

Racial Bonus: Ignore Piloting penalties from taking damage in the round.

Appearance: Dolviss can vary in height, going anywhere from 5’ to 7’.  Larger Dolviss exist (and are typically gladiators), but they do not fit into the cockpit.  Dolviss weigh less than their size would imply, often ranging between 150 and 250 lbs.  Their shells come in many colors, but typically run darker.  They have many tentacles on their face of several sizes and shapes, chitin type exoskeleton on their bodies, and fingers that curve inward like small claws.

Civilization: Originating from the homeworld of Taule Prime, Dolviss were spacefarers by way of biological space travel (they grew beasts capable of survival in space); they used their numbers to conquer other systems.  Humans eventually met and conquered them, and now Taule system is nothing but a breeding ground for the Dolviss; all government facilities and beast hatcheries have been long destroyed.  Dolviss communities exist on many planets, but they are typically isolated and do not regularly mingle with the other population on a planet.

Names: Because of their speaking patterns, many have names that do not properly translate to Human.  Their names are very guttural, often mixed with hyphenation to make it sound more natural.  Some examples are Chuboth, Daz-Na, Kehl or Shualaruaua.  They typically don’t have last names, but if they are being sponsored by a family, they will adopt the family’s surname.

Sociology: Dolviss’ natural aggression and appearance makes them unlikable to most, but it’s not a sense of dislike.  Many realize that Dolviss fit perfectly into society; they are more interested in fighting for glory than conquering lands.  Dolviss with lower reputations are almost considered pets in some areas, while Dolviss with high reputations are treated like sport royalty.  Dolviss who graduate to the level of Mech Pilot are certainly considered equals by other Mech Pilots.

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