Mission Briefing 1

Attention Squad Members:

You are being tasked with a sensitive mission to covertly help in peace negotiations. You will be the only lance assigned to this mission.

Background: The CombiSystems is in the process of negotiating a peace with the ruthless warlord Ghen on the third plant of the Callastor system. While the negotiations have not yet started, they are expected to be tense, and few believe they will provide any real benefit to either side. The true losers of this skirmish are the people of Callistor III, which have been suffering under the effects of illegal occupation by the Ghen.

Your Mission: A supply convoy headed for the the Ghen will be travelling through territories at some point. When we have determined its location and timing, we will drop you within range to engage it. You must destroy as many of the vehicles as possible before they escape into the safety of the Khalex Pass.


Expected Opposition: It is unlikely that ‘Mechs will guard this convoy, but expect multiple armored vehicles, and perhaps some air support. You will have a limited time to do maximum damage.

Preparation: Be certain to define your Class and Race, and acquire its bonuses. You also have an opportunity to upgrade your ‘Mech with your obtained credits from graduation.

Rewards: You participation in this event will not go unnoticed. You will receive 5000 C-Bills for each light vehicle you destroy, 10k for each medium vehicle, and 15k for each heavy vehicle. We are uncertain of convoy size. VIP targets may be worth additional funds if they present themselves. Also, you will help weaken the negotiation powers of the Ghen, to ensure they understand the strength of our negotiation position.

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