At this point, we’re not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about us (we’ll update this page when we’re done with everything else), but here is some information if your curious about who took the time to make this:

Jeremy Jordan (the primary author of this website) is an avid gamer, who has been playing Battletech for more then 20 years.  As a former Delegate and current Convention Volunteer for Wizards of the Coast, Jeremy has spent many hours teaching new games to players across the country.  Battletech was the game played between D&D campaigns in his past, and has emerged as a favorite to play between editions of D&D.

Brian McCoy is a long-time collaborator of Jeremy’s, dating back to the early days of the D&D/Battletech rotation.  Brian has done work with game balance and focuses on Player enjoyment.

Michael Bails has been working on games for more than 20 years as well, and is an avid board gamer.  He works on long-term mechanics and storyline, as he knows a game needs to have more than just rolling dice.

In addition to the three main developers, this product has been collaborated by early playtesters including Amy Jordan, David Montgomery, Nicholas Pape, Steven Eng, Ryan Humphries and Caias Ward.

This system was developed as part of gaming on the Central NJ Gaming Group.  If you wish to attend an event, please visit us.  http://www.meetup.com/NJGamers/

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