Copyright and Credit

I’m just going to put a quick disclaimer here, which we will expand on later.

We own nothing, we’re making nothing, we are fairly using everything.

I believe Batteltech is owned by Catalyst Studios and/or Topps, but some of the images and content may be FASA, or who knows really.  Either way, we’re not using it for profit, just to help promote a game we love.

Artwork is mostly from them, but some was also taken from Google Image Search from various Deviant Art members.  If one of these pieces of artwork is ours, I’d be happy to link it back to your page and/or credit you for it; and if you really don’t want us to use it, I’ll remove it for you.  Just send me a message via our meetup.

The racial artwork is sketch art composited by Jeremy Jordan from many other sources.

If there is any other copyright matters you wish to discuss, please contact Jeremy via the linked Meetup.


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