System Upgrades

System Upgrades don’t really fall into any single type or bonus, but all have one common factor: they improve a Mech without requiring an attack roll.  They still have Tonnage and Critical requirements, and some even generate heat, but they will not require you to make an attack roll, as a general rule.  System Upgrades come in all sizes and shapes, and have varied purposes.

Jump Jets are the basic system that get you from one hex to another hex while ignoring movement penalties.  For more information on Jump Jets, see the Combat Phases section.  Jump Jets scale in tonnage by the weight of the mech; if a Mech’s total weight is 55 tons or less, Jump Jets are .5 tons each; if the mech is 60-85 tons, its jets are 1 ton each; if it is 90 tons or more, its jets are 2 tons each.  You cannot jump more then your run speed for the round, even if you have more jets.

Heat Sinks allow you to vent your Mech’s heat.  Every working Heat Sink you have allows you to vent one more heat during the clean-up phase.  Heat Sinks work twice as effective in water; while in depth 1 water, Heat Sinks in your legs are affected by this.

C6 Masters are computers that allow you to link to other allies on the same frequency.  You can share Targeting Laser bonuses and gain a bonus to hit each other with beneficial weapons, such as GEL pack launchers.  Any Mech equipped with a C6 Master can provide a legal target to a missile firing ally who does not have line of sight; as an example, if one mech with a C6 is behind a wall and hits an enemy with a targeting laser, an ally on the other side of the wall can fire missiles over the wall at the enemy, even though he couldn’t normally target it.

C6 Slaves are similar to C6 Masters, except that they do not allow for shared line of sight; they do allow allies to share Targeting Laser bonuses and beneficial attack rolls.

Cooling GELs are packs that allow a Mech to instantly reduce heat when used.  They can be used as part of the movement phase, or via a weapon (such as a GEL dispenser or launcher) during the weapon attack phase.  If a GEL pack is critically hit, it automatically expends that location’s remaining charges.  Most GEL packs have three charges per critical slot.

Repair GELs are packs filled with a foamy substances that instantly hardens to protect the Mech from further damage.  They can be used as part of the movement phase, or via a weapon (such as a GEL dispenser or launcher) during the weapon attack phase.  If a GEL pack is critically hit, it automatically expends the location’s remaining charges.  Gel packs can be used to repair what would have been a destroyed item if caught before the Damage Phase, but cannot be used to repair something that was destroyed during a previous round.  Most GEL packs have three charges per critical slot.

GEL Dispensers are manipulator arms that can take a GEL pack from any part of your Mech’s body and apply it to any part of your Mech or to any part of an adjacent Mech or Vehicle.  Gel Dispensers must be on an arm, and you cannot use weapons on that arm if you are using it to dispense a GEL.

Anti-Missile Machine Guns (MG) are machine guns that feed off MG ammunition.  They do not fire unless directed too by you in response to a missile attack.  When you are hit by a missile attack, once per Combat Phase (per gun that you own), you may choose to reduce the incoming damage of the first volley of missiles by 1d4.  You may do this after you know the location of the first volley.  If you reduce it to 0 or below, that first volley has no additional effects (for example, if it was a head hit, it would not do pilot damage; or if it had Heat Missiles, there would be no added heat).  Anti-Missile Machine Guns cannot be used offensively.

CASE Storage is a series of reinforced mechanisms designed to reduce the damage done when ammunition explodes inside of you.  CASE will only work on the body part you put it on, so a CASE in your Right Torso will not help if your ammo in the Left Torso is critically hit.  CASE ejects the ammo, dealing only half the normal damage it would do on an explosion.

Heat Padding is special fibers woven into your Mech, with the bulk being placed anywhere you prefer on the Mech.  Having it reduces your mech’s heat damage by one (to a minimum of 0) whenever something does heat to you; it does not work on any heat source produced by you.  It does however work with environmental effects, reducing them by 1.

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