“You were hired to destroy your target.  All other skills are secondary in value and usage.”

Sharpshooters focus on one thing when piloting a Mech – percision with their weapons.  They are unmatched for damage output, as they progress in both how well they hit with their weapons, and the damage output of their weapons.  For a sharpshooter, it is not about luck; it is the perfect technique applied to the situation that makes finishes the job.

As a Sharpshooter, the calculations are easy- you just place your weapons for maximum effectiveness on a target and statistically eradicate them.  Not all Sharpshooters are mathematical or strategic geniuses on paper – but somewhere in their mind, they know exactly which weapons to use at which range to destroy their targets.



  • Longer Range: Increase the Long Range of any weapon with a normal Long Range of 5 or greater by one.
  • Reduced Cover: If a target has a cover penalty from an obstacle, you reduce the penalty by 1.
  • Shorter Range: Reduce the Minimum Range of any weapon you fire by 1 (that number becomes Short Range).  You can reduce minimum range to 0 with this.
  • Solid Hit: When you hit a target with a ranged weapon and it does at least 5 damage to a single location, increase the damage dealt by 1.  For random damage weapons, it must be at least 5 per roll.
  • Extra Range: Increase the Long Range of any 0/1/2/3 weapon to 0/1/2/3-4
  • Jump Targeting: You do not incur an extra attack penalty for jumping; when you jump, you just take the attack penalty as though you Walked or Ran (but you still take the heat penalty).
  • Critical Targeting: When you roll a Critical Hit Location die, you may reduce it by one if it had no effect (you cannot reduce it if it hit something).
  • Very Solid Hit: Increase the bonus from Solid Hit to 1d4.

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