HKoS, more commonly referred to as Anomalies, are a race of near-Humans who claim to have been born of pure technology.  While they share a great deal of similar genetic code to Humans, they are keenly attuned to technology, with a near magical affinity.  Unlike Androids (who are part machine and were specifically built with technology), Anomalies have no physical characteristics that separate them from Humans; their minds seemingly operate on a different level then Humans, and their belief in technology is a religion.

Racial Bonus: +4 bonus to Piloting Checks involving Blinding.

Appearance:  Anomalies look identical to Humans in almost every aspect, but there is definitely an extra luminescence in their eye.  Their skin lightly glows, and in the dark, their skin gives off a very light glow.  Very fair skin and near white hair is becoming a dominant trait in their race, but many still retain the variations of Human’s skin and hair colors.

Civilization: Anomalies hail from a planet they call the Three Valleys of Light; and are protected by a government known as the Holy Kingdom of Stars.  The HKoS (the name preferred by Anomalies) is both a cult and a religion, with many factions and multiple agendas.

Names: Most will go by a Human first name and technology, religious or energy themed last name; examples include Dorsey Starkiller, Hoyt Firstsun and Keve Purethought.  It is believed these last names are given to converts when they have received whatever blessing makes them non-Human.

Sociology: Anomalies are feared but accepted in all forms of society.  Many who encounter them do not even know they are looking at a different race.  While many systems across the galaxy have some form of allegiance to the HKoS, they are generally accepted in all societies as though they were Humans.  There is a sense of unease in any who know their religion, as some believe the HKoS intends on conquering the universe through conversion.


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