“Spacer” is a nickname for a Human that has adapted to the low gravity and poor shielding of space.  Since the dawn of space travel, many Humans have been born in space, and there are some who have never been to a planet.  Over many generations, low gravity and space radiation has cause these Humans to develop differently than their planet dwelling kin.  A sense of independence and superiority has developed among spacers, as they do feel beholden to the laws of “Humans below them”.  Spacers are genetically identical to Humans (and Heavies), but can easily be identified by those who know what to look for.

Racial Bonus: +1 to Piloting Rolls involving Jumping.

Appearance: Spacers have a tendency to be longer and with longer limbs than Humans.  Cosmic radiation has made the majority of them pale skinned.  Their hair color is of the standard Human variation.  Spacers are typically between 5’8” and 6’8”, and are light for their weight because of a lower bone density; it is rare to see a spacer over 200lbs unless they are very tall.

Civilization: Spacers do not technically have their own civilizations, as they are technically Humans.  There are communities of Spacers in deep space that have no link to a planetary system; and a number of planet-less warlords also exist (and are commonly referred to as Pirates).  Many of these communities feel superior to their land-required bretheren, as they are settlers of a new era.

Names: Spacers have adapted Human sounding (but abnormal) first names such as Varlo, Myn and Finon; their surnames range from standard family names to similarly different surnames (Ecken, Felaeon and Drastee); and some have adapted astronomical surnames, such as Sunburst or Nova.

Sociology: Spacers are ultimately Humans in most aspects.  They try to distance themselves from ground dwellers, but have the same motivations and habits of those they descended from.  Other races (including Humans) consider them to be Humans, or at best, arrogant Humans.  Spacers are also a bit more fearless than other races, as they “conquered space”.

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