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Congratulations soldier!  You have been given control of a 40+ Ton war engine, known as a ‘Mech’.  It is a complex machine when used in combat, and while your machine has unique capabilities, all Mechs follow the same rules for combat.  If you’ve been sent to this page, there are a few possibilities we can help with:

  1. You have played Mech D20 at a demonstration, and want to know what happens next – go to the Player Storyline section to see what’s next.
  2. You are interested in running Mech D20 game for your group.  Go to the Running a Game section to see how we do what we do.
  3. You have heard a bit about Mech D20 and just want to see what’s going on.  You should read the How to Play section, and maybe read the Major Changes page to compare it to regular Battletech.

We are still in early development of this game and want to build it up so we can breathe new life into one of our favorite games.  If you are interested in playing Mech D20, you’ll find we are currently playing it every other Thursday in Central NJ.  Our schedule can be found on our Meetup group, Http://www.meetup.com/NJGamers/

We hope to see you- and if not, we hope you enjoy our system!

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