Week 2 Prologue

A Change of Direction (Previous Players)

If you played Week 1, read below.  If you are a new player, skip down to A New Direction (New Players)

What an awful week it has been.  Just a few days ago, you were a celebrated graduate of the MCoP Mech Academy, with a brand new Mech and your first assignment.  And you performed your assignment with perfection.  Unfortunately, the mission was a sham- and someone framed you.  You are still not sure who; could have been the Bandit King, hijacking the orders sent to you to make you do a dirty deed for him?  Or was it Commander Harrison, who wanted to use new soldiers to cover up his dirty secrets?  There is an equal possibility for both as far as you are concerned.  But frankly it does not matter, as you are outlaws from the largest government in the known Universe, and you have banished your lance to the unprotected, uncivilized lands outside of their reach.

To survive, you are going to need Credits and Upgrades.  You are fortunate that you have a dropship to get you around, and a group of fellow criminals to support you.  And each of you has a 40 ton walking death machine.  Scanning the MercNet, you find the following job that fits your abilities:

It seems like a smash-and-grab, storm the fortress, rescue the reporter, and escape before reinforcements show up.  Ground scans don’t even show enemy Mechs guarding it, just a fortified facility with fixed weapons.  Perhaps saving this reporter will help get your story out, to prove your innocence.


A New Direction (New Players)

The path that got you to Hildis 4 is not important, there are only two things that matter: you have a working 40 ton Mech that you manage to keep running, and you are broke.  News of the reporter being kidnapped is great to you as you can really use the funds to get off this backwater planet, but you can’t go too far as you are still wanted by the MCoP for a crime you “didn’t” commit (and that’s the story you are sticking too).  If you can get some other Mechs to help you, you can easily defeat Oscuro, and start your path towards redemption.

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