Week 1 Epilogue

Charging the Wall

Success!  You and your Lance managed to knock out the drone Mechs protecting the encrypted data center, and prevented it from self-destruction.  At least, that’s what the mission called on you to do.  Having been around power generators and data centers, it looked a lot more like you destroyed a data center, and not a power generator.  But that’s the target that was clearly marked on your map.  It also struck you as odd that the remote Mechs you fought were very well taken care of, and used newer weapons and ammunition – warlords often have ramshackle gear, pieced together by hack engineers (or so you were taught).

Following the destruction, you received the following cryptic orders from your commanding officer:


You find this order to be rather odd, as Segol Prime is a military prison planet.  There must be an uprising.  You have done your job well, have made your repairs, and are now on your way back into outer space.  As you are traveling, you decide to check the NewsNet.  You are a bit disturbed to find this image:

Could they possibly be talking about you and your Lance?  Have you been set up?  Things become even more ominious when you go back to check your original orders:


Well it’s official, you’ve been either framed, hacked or double crossed.  No one is going to believe you, justice is for the rich and powerful (you are neither, yet).  The best thing you can do is to run and buy time to figure out how to survive.  After discussing things with your companions, you turn your dropship around, point it towards the uncivilized lands, and pull your Mechs out of Deep Storage.

But at least you proved your worth on the battlefield earlier that day…

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