Irikrizi are a race of bulbous eyed, telepathic humanoids with small antennae protruding from their foreheads.  While they cannot read minds (as a general rule), Irikrizi are moderately psychic, and can read base impulses from both allies and enemies, giving them supernatural defenses against attacks.  Irikrizi are generally quiet and measured in their tactics, but can calculate the best attack options by reading their enemies.

Racial Bonus: +1 to Base Defense against Death from Above and Charge attacks.

Appearance:  Irikrizi look somewhere between a cyplops and an insect; they have one large protruding eye in the center of their face, with two smaller mandible antennae above it.  Many incorrectly believe the antennae to be their true eyes.  Their skin ranges from blue to green to purple, and their central eye can have several colors at once.  They are of average height, but a bit thinner than Humans; it is rare to see one more than 175lbs, while most are in the 125lb range.

Civilization: Irikrizi hail from a distant galaxy known as Nirub, where their civilization and ruler still exist.  Irikrizi are one of the very few space faring races allowed to maintain their kingdom hierarchy, as they are one of the only races that immediately vowed allegiance to Humans upon first contact.  Many Irikrizi outposts exist throughout the Universe, and most in power have Irikrizi advisors as they value their telepathic powers.

Names: Despite numerous duplicates, Irikrizi rarely go by anything more than a simple first name, based on their own language.  Examples include Cyne, Enkildar, Sanna and Atham.

Sociology: Irikrizi understand that Humans are the dominant race in the universe, and long prophesized their arrival.  They have never, as a race, gone to war with Humans, and have been given positions of power for their loyalty.  They are valued for their gifts and wisdom, but refuse to be elevated to positions of great importance, as they know Humans fear non-Humans in power.  They are generally accepted in all communities.

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