Humans are by far the most dominant race in the Universe.  Human Empires, Federations, Kingdoms and Unions have waged war since before records were kept.  Humans always look to conquer other races, and then inevitably turn on themselves when they have no mutual enemy.  Humans invented the Mechs that dominate combat today, and all other races struggle to survive in their universe.

Racial Bonus: +1 bonus to Initiative Rolls.

Appearance: Because of dies and cosmetic surgery, Humans can have nearly any skin or hair color they choose.  Humans typically have skin that ranges from dark to fair, with similar hair color, but it is not unusual to see an orange skinned human with purple hair piloting a Mech.  Humans have the widest range of heights and weights as well, but to fit the cockpit, most are between 5 feet and 6’5”, and weigh between 90 and 300 lbs.

Civilization: The universe is a Human civilization.  Many worlds claim to be where Human life began, but no worlds have definitive proof of such.  All other races live as part of a Human government; the current one in power is the Mercantile Collective of Planets (MCoP), but a number of smaller of governments and coalitions also exist in the known Universe.

Names: Human names have not changed over the millennia; John Smith and Christine Baker are as common now as they were 1000 years previous.  Other names have made it into the mix, but Human names are fairly consistent throughout the universe.

Sociology: Humans have always believed their destiny is to expand; they have conquered countless systems and races, and have only allowed those who adapt to Human society to survive.  While Humans are neither the most technical nor the strongest race in any way, they are the most adaptable, and have managed to overtake even their most opponents.  Human’s greatest foes have always been other Humans, and Battletech combat is a direct result of this.

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