The term “Heavy” was once a racial slur, used to describe Humans that have adapted to High Gravity (aka Heavy) worlds.  Over the centuries, a distinct physical difference has evolved between Humans on regular gravity worlds, Humans on Heavy G Worlds, and Humans that live off-world (known as “Spacers”).  While genetically identical to Humans, Heavies have much denser bones and have shortened facial features, giving them a very distinct look.

Racial Bonus: +1 to Pilot Consciousness checks.

Appearance: Heavies have the same hair and skin variations of any Human, but they tend to be a bit shorter- it is rare to see a Heavy over 6’, and not uncommon to see males at 5’6.  They are also significantly heavy for their weight, averaging between 250 and 350 lbs at normal weight.  Because of exposure to gravity many are quite muscular and quite hairy, and have unnatural strength in normal-gravity worlds.

Civilization: Technically, any Heavy colony is a Human colony, and Humans do not consider Heavies to be a different race, despite their physical differences.  There are a great number of planets that are exclusively populated by Heavies, and a great demand for their services as they are comfortable where most races are not.  Further setting Heavies apart from Humans is their language; a shortened version of Human has spread throughout many Heavy workers, giving them a unique language misunderstood by most.

Names: While many Heavies still retain their Human names and surnames, many colonies have adapted a simpler set of sounds for their name; examples include Gruna Dene, Vasli Daivik and Rona Thule.

Sociology: Heavies fit into everyday life, and most are respected and treated as though they were normal Humans.  The only possible prejudice against them is by noble Humans; some of the upper class Humans consider them to be nothing more than laborers, unwashed and good at their job.  Most non-Human races barely notice (or care about) the difference between Humans and Heavies.

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