Felixians are a race of bipedal felines, descendants of a golden civilization lost to time.  While some Felixian worlds exist, most Felixians are content with living within isolated pockets of civilized society.  Felixians are both physically fit and very agile, and have a penchant for climbing.  It is rumored that their great civilization still exists in an unexplored pocket of the universe, but few dare to search for it.  Felixians are a race that loves enjoyment, and are always up for a good hunt.

Racial Bonus: +1 to Piloting checks that involve falling down.

Appearance: Felixians have the face of a cat on the body of a humanoid.  They are covered in soft fur with patterns, and eyes that reflect light, allowing them to see in very low light. They stand between 4’8 and 5’10, and weigh between 90 and 180 lbs.

Civilization: There is no official history of a Felixian empire, but many have heard stories of the “Early Days”, when Felixians were free to enjoy paradise.  Several Felixian homeworlds exist, but they are loyal to the MCoP.  Many believe Felixians were one of the first races encountered by Humans, and easily integrated into their expansion.

Names: Felixians have names that “Slip off the Tongue”, with lots of H’s and S’s.  Many have eschewed their racial last names for ones that are more Human friendly; examples are Haoros Softpaws, Alwyse Blackear or Zenerta Fivewhisker.

Sociology: Felixians are considered to be a friendly race in the universe, and are as equally judged as Humans.  They are not discriminated against, although a Felixian world often takes offence to outsiders disturbing their enjoyment.  Felixians are not war prone, but consider Mech combat to be part of a great game in life.

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