Sentient robots were created millennia ago by a society seeking to prolong their mortal existences with a conversion into technology.  Many of that society wished to maintain their humanoid, giving birth to Androids.  Androids try to look and act as Human as possible, but are always distinguishable as mechanical in nature.  Androids are less affected by a Mech’s internal heat, and have both an innate mechanical knowledge and an attunement to energy weapons.

Racial Bonus: +2 bonus to avoid Shutdowns from Heat.

Appearance: Androids tend to fit a few specific body frames, with males averaging 6’ and females averaging 5’10.  They typically have athletic builds, and skin melds seamlessly with a synthetic fiber that covers their mechanical parts.  Many try to hide their Android appearance to fit in better.  Androids are heavy for their size, easily reaching 300lbs.

Civilization: No centralized systems; Androids are scattered throughout the universe, and have no centralized government.

Names: Most will go by a Human first name and a surname related to the serial number of the parts; an example would be John 32A12Y or Dax AA4331C.

Sociology: Androids are considered to be either too Human by non-Humans or not Human enough by Humans; they don’t quite fit in anywhere.  They are rarely discriminated against because they are generally overlooked.  An Android will be followed as a tactical leader, but many will have an problem trusting one as a political leader, as they are sometimes considered too cold and calculating.

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