There is a huge racial diversity in the known universe, but Humans dominate all of them.  Of the countless races that live in civilized lands, only a handful of them are trained to operate Mechs.  Mech D20 has summaries of these races here, and you can feel free to choose from any when creating your pilot.

Androids are sentient robots created from the engineering of a dying race, many years ago.  They are humanoid in appearance, but don’t quite pass for Humans as they have armored exoskeletons.

Anomolies are a race of Humans that have been “touched by starlight”, and have firm beliefs in the technology of light.

Dolviss are an aggressive race of shelled amphibians, whose physical nature translates easily into Mech combat.

Felixian are a race of cat people that have been allied to Humans since their early expansion into the stars.

Heavies are Human that has adapted to high gravity worlds; they are a bit stronger than the average Human.

Humans are the prime race that rules the Universe.  Humans are found everywhere, and controlling most governments.

Irikrizi are a race of psychics that are allied with Humans, and considered great advisers.

Spacers are humans that have adapted to the low gravity of space.  They have a bit of a superiority complex over Humans.

SSS’Dal are a race of silicoid amoebas that were once Human’s greatest enemy; they are currently in a forced evolution to adapt to the Human universe.

From a gaming perspective, each race has its racial bonuses and benefits.  Each has feats and equipment only usable by that race.  And each race has its own battlefield flavor; we only provide a brief ecology of our alien species but you are encouraged to play up your race to make your Mech more than a walking bucket of weapons.

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