Week 3 Prologue

A New Spark of Life


Having safely escaped the Kielen Province, you and your allies have been flying around the Universe for a few days, trying to evade authorities and keep a low profile.  The MCoP definitely wants you dead, and all of it is being ordered by one man – Commander Harrison.  After narrowly evading a search and destroy party sent by MCoP to find you, your ComLink buzzes with a familiar voice.

Lantha Cordon, the reporter you recently saved on Hildis 4, has a job offer for you.  She has been investigating a cult that has great influence over many children belonging to powerful families in the MCoP, but they have managed to successfully navigate the legal system and keep both journalists and security forces off their planet.  Lantha has received reports of brainwashing and experimentation from those that have escaped the cult, but nothing that can be used to force a search warrant.

Here is what she knows about the cult.  They adhere to the general beliefs of the Holy Kingdom of Suns, a religion that believes a great darkness is coming to the Universe, and only the true believers will survive by being one with the light. This cult takes the belief further, and somehow ties it in with Androids, a race created by dying aliens millennia ago. Lantha believes the cult is using rich family members to fund research into Android creation, promising eternal life to its members when they figure out the lost secrets of transferring life into a machine. The research is certainly lethal and against the law, but no one can prove it as no one is allowed to investigate.


Lantha wants you to quickly drop on their one of their secondary colonies, the garden world of Orellius 3.  She has heard it has large clinic and that much of the experimentation is done there.  If you stay there and cause enough havoc, the MCoP will immediately rush to arrest you.  You job will be to give MCoP a reason to investigate the planet without getting caught.  If your raid manages to allow the rescue of important brainwashed cultists, she’ll make sure the families know why you went to the planet- whether through the airwaves or through back channels – that it was your Lance that gave MCoP an excuse to rescue them.

She wishes you good luck and tells you not to get caught.  They have Mechs, Vehicles and all types of Infantry there – she’s not sure what their defenses are, but expect brainwashed soldiers to put up a good fight.

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