Week 3 Epilogue

Not So Bright

While Orellius promised to be a haven of enlightenment and research, you discovered it to be a prison of brainwashing and torture.  Your presence on the planet exposed its weird chemicals and illegal weapon research, and when the MCoP arrived to arrest you, they were pleasantly surprised with the gifts you left behind for them.

The promise of eternal life was a great draw for many.  Both the rich and poor travelled to Orellius to lean its secrets; unfortunately the cult could not deliver on its promise.  Those that could not afford to wait were experimented on without remorse.  Those that became disillusioned were brainwashed into staying, or held captive until their brainwashing was effective.  The Heavenly Kingdom of Stars, which typically governs such cults, turned a blind eye; their focus is to expand the belief in the power of light, regardless of how it is done.

For whatever reason, the MCoP decided investigating the cult on Orellius was more important than you for the time being, and you have a moment to breathe – thanks to your new friend, Lantha Cordon.


Lantha has clearly benefited from your arrangement as well; she knew exactly where and when to get the scoop, and is one of the hottest reporters on the NewsNet because of the story.  You just hope that she keeps her promise, and works behind the scenes to prove your innocence.  For now, you have a few minutes to relax, and work on clearing your names.


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