Player Storyline

Congratulations on your first successful mission! If you want to know more about what happened, why it happened or what happens next, here’s our section for you.

If you haven’t already done so, Choose a Class and a Race. This will help your Mech the next time we play. You Mech will most likely be unchanged in week two, but every successful mission completed gives you one level (and most levels give you an increase bonus of some type). Some classes will give you a bonus to Gunnery (your attack roll), while other a bonus to Piloting (initiative and special maneuvers); and a couple of classes even give you access to a Technique.

If you want to see the Mech that you were piloting, you can find the files in the Premade Mechs section. If you think you understand the system and want to redesign your own Mech, go to the Build a Mech page. Remember that a Level 2 Pilot is still limited to a 40 Ton Mech.  Or you can brush up on rules in the How to Play section.

Once you are done leveling your character, read the storyline about happened last event and what’s coming up in future events!

  • Week 1 Prologue: Finally Graduated
  • Week 1 Epilogue: Charging the Wall
  • Week 2 Prologue: A Change of Direction
  • Week 2 Epilogue: A New Friend
  • Week 3 Prologue: A New Spark of Life
  • Week 3 Epilogue: Not So Bright
  • Week 4 Epilogue: A Friend in Need

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