Special Manuevers

To keep our rules simple (and to keep noses out of rulebooks), we’ve implemented a series of special maneuvers to replace the special attack actions experienced players knew how to do, but newer players did not.  Replacing them also cut down on complex rules, and made them simple and quick to calculate.

Here is a list what is now considered a “Special Maneuver”.  Characters learn these automatically at triggered levels.  You can download a printable version of these cards by Clicking this Link, or you can see them below as a .jpg

Eject allows you to make a Piloting Check to avoid death.  Death will be discussed in the Character Death section.

Push allows you to use your hands to push another Mech or Vehicle prone.  It puts a large penalty on the target when it triggers the attempt, and if you push with both hands, it is very probable it will fall over.

Light Charge trades a small attack penalty for an equivalent damage bonus, and results in both the attacker and defender having to make Prone checks.  While it does not state this on the cards, this can technically be combined with a push, to add an additional penalty to the Prone check.

Death from Above is a Kick attack with a bonus from height.  It also ignores leg placement, but does not give the advantage of destroying a Head as frequently as it used too.

Ram is when you charge another Mech using your torso.  You do not need hands to Ram.

Trample is making a devastating kick attack against an Infantry unit.

Heavy Charge is similar to charge, except that you can use the total number of hexes you moved during your movement phase instead of just the bonus.

Rocket Melee is just a bonus to damage from using Jump Jets to power your attack.

Quick Trample is a free attack against Infantry units decided during the Movement Phase.


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