Missile Weapons

Missile Weapons are self propelled munitions that swarm a target with multiple warheads, typically allowing for a random amount of damage to a target, often spread out across target’s frame.  Missile Weapons are typically right in the middle compared to other weapon’s heat and tonnage, but do require a source of ammunition.  Healing and beneficial substances, such as GEL packs can also be launched via Missiles, as can chemical substances that cause harm other than damage.


Long Range Missiles (LRM) fire larger, more damaging missiles at the target, but have issues hitting targets that are close range.

Short Range Missiles (SRM) fire less missiles per salvo than a LRM, but are very effective at shorter ranges, and take less space.

GEL Launchers are similar to a LRM 5 or a SRM2, except that they only fire GEL packs; their damage entry is simply an indicator of how much the base healing or cooling factor of a standard GEL pack is.  If you have techniques or class abilities that can increase the damage done by missiles, you can use them to modify your appropriate GEL pack launchers.

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