Ballistic Weapons

Ballistic Weapons typically involve a heavy launching mechanism that propels a piece of ammunition (typically a solid slug of metal) at great speed, impacting the target with directed blunt force.  Ballistic Weapons typically generate less heat than other weapons, but also require more space and tonnage, and a source of ammunition.  The two most common types of Ballistic Weapons are Machine Guns and AutoCannons, which do exactly as described above.  Other Ballistic weapons exist, but require special documentation to be placed on your Mech.


AutoCannons (AC): These are effectively large shotguns that shoot huge metal slugs at their targets.  While these weapons can be quite damaging – and are one of the few weapons capable of single-shot killing a Mech – ammunition for these weapons can also require a great deal of space and is dangerous when prematurely exploded.

Machine Guns (MG): One of the most basic weapons, and one of the only weapons that do not generate heat for a Mech’s Engine.  These are close range add-ons for many Mechs, their only drawback being the 1 ton ammunition cannister required to use them.

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