As this is a heavily modified system, it is highly advised that you learn the basics of Mech building by purchasing a standard Battletech book, as Mech building is basically unchanged in how it works; I just changed some of the values.

You can pick up the battletech starter set via Catalyst Studios,

Here are some big differences, if you understand how to build a Mech normally:

Tonnage: As you only have one Mech (unlike a normal Battletech game where everyone has multiple Mechs of different weights), tonnage is controlled by the scenario.  In this case, tonnage is controlled by level; the more you play, the better the Mech you can pilot.

Internal tonnage is 10% of the Mech’s weight, and covers its internal structure (standard amount) and standard components such as the cockpit and gyros.

Engine Rating is from the Battletech Manual (1626), redone here:

Armor weighs a bit more, for simplicity.  Each point of Armor weights 0.1 tons (not 1/16th of a ton).  This almost doubles the weight of armor, but makes math much simpler.  Each body area of a Mech (Head, Right Torso, etc) has a minimum armor value of its internal armor (so it’s total value must be at least twice its internal armor).  All areas except the Head and Center Torso have a maximum Armor Value of twice their Internal Armor Value; the Head and Center Torso can have tree times their Internal Armor Value.  Rear Torsos have a minimum of 1, and a maximum of 1.5 times their Internal Armor Value.

Every other piece of equipment, including weapons, heat sinks, jump jets and other components that can be added on a Mech can be found in the weapons sections.  You can find their descriptions under Ballistic Weapons, Energy Weapons, Missile Weapons and System Upgrades.

Now that you know the rules, you can Download our EXCEL spreadsheet and make your Mech.

Don’t forget to print yourself out some Weapon Cards, they make life much easier if you don’t know all your weapons.

Other Lance Add-Ons, such as Infantry and Artillery, are not commonly available to players, and will be given as rewards with special certificates by your Gamemaster.

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