Congratulation Cadets!

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You have graduated from Basic Mech Training program from the Tacht Battleschool. Your education has been sponsored by the Governance of the CombiSystems, a collective of peaceful and prosperous planets looking to extend their comfortable way of life with the surrounding systems. As per your contract, you will now be in the employ of Combi, and their ever reaching missions of diplomacy.

In addition to your chosen starting Mech, you have been awarded 80,000 credits to spend on upgrading it. You may want to start with Chassis Upgrades to increase your Tonnage, as that will allow you to purchase Armor Upgrades, or Equipment Upgrades (which include weapon systems).

If you choose to replace piece of equipment, it stays in your “garage”- you do not lose it, and cannot sell it back. You can trade it with fellow members of your Lance, or store it for future use. Before your first mission, you will be given cards that represent all of your weapons, to allow for easier tracking of equipment.

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Prepare for your next mission. You will be reporting to General Cardin in the Wulftec system. A number of systems have threatened to succeed there, and he is conducting diplomatic operations to ensure CombiSystems can provide peace to its citizens. You should expect a briefing soon.

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