Combat Phases, pt 3


This phase deals with the effects of damage.  After all the numbers have been calculated, things go boom or fall off.  Here is what happens:

  1. Anything that has no Armor Value left is destroyed.  Mark off anything that cannot be used.
  2. Determine if you fall prone.  The Piloting Roll is 1d20 + your Piloting Skill modifier, and the base roll needed is 10.  You need to modify it by all the potential penalties listed in the Piloting Roll section of your sheet.  No matter how many reason you have for making a Piloting Roll, you only make one at the end of your turn.  If your piloting roll is a failure, your Mech falls prone.  This is the same check used to determine if you can stand up during your Movement Phase.
  3. Tally up Heat, and determine Heat Penalties.  Add up all heat generated this round (any heat your carried over from previous rounds, movement heat, weapon heat and possible heat from other sources) and subtract the number of active heat sinks (listed on your sheet; but remember to subtract any that were destroyed or in lost body parts.  These penalties will remain during your next turn, even if you lower your heat during it.  If your Mech has a heat of 14 or higher, you need to make a Shutdown Check.  Roll 2d20 and add the results together; if the roll is less than the number required by the chart, your Mech is shut down on your next turn.
  4. Attempt to Wake Up.  If you started your turn unconscious, and did not fail any additional consciousness checks this turn, you may can make another Pilot Consciousness roll (at your current penalty) to attempt to wake up for the next round.  This roll does not count as additional damage and does not increase the check for future rolls, even if you fail it.



During this phase, remove any dead Mechs from the board; very few things happen in the Clean-up Phase, and are usually specific to a piece of equipment.



There are MANY additional rules that cover actions not used here – picking up the arm of a Mech that just had it blown off and beating that Mech over the head with it; capturing resources and dragging ally’s bodies off the battlefield to save their Mech; Crashing through Buildings and Shooting down Airplanes; deploying weapons of mass destruction.  For this demo, these rules will not be used, as we are simply trying to teach the basics of the game.

If we decide to play it in the future however…

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