“I am an Enforcer of the Light.  Those that have not yet seen its purpose must have their eyes opened.”

Evangelists are followers of the Heavenly Kingdom of Stars, sword to enforce their beliefs and doghma on the non-believers.  Zealots have a tendency to believe that the best way to teach the strength of light is by example, and they are happy to make an example of their enemies.  Zealots sacrifice techniques for strait belief in their abilities.

As a Zealot, you have a wide range of weapons, but still some affinity to Energy weapons.  You will primarily focus on a single target each round, and do what you can to remove it from the battlefield.  Zealots can be adapted to many types of weapons and fighting styles, but their focus remains on destroying the non-believers.



  • Zealot’s Mark: During your Movement Phase, you may declare one target your Zealotry.  You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and your Base Defense against that target, but during that round you cannot attack another target, and all other targets get a +1 bonus to attack you that round.
  • Resilient Mind: You ignore the first Pilot Consciousness roll you need to make in a combat.
  • Zeal for Damage: You gain a +1 bonus to all weapon damages against the target of your Zealotry.
  • Blinding Light: Once per combat, when you hit with an Energy Weapon, the target must make a Piloting Check or be blinded on its next turn.
  • Parting Gift: Once on your combat phase, you can strike a target that was adjacent to you when you ended your movement phase, even if it moved away after your initiative.
  • Bright Critical: When you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll, even if the hit does not result in a critical, the target must make a Piloting Check or be blinded on its next turn.
  • Resilient Zeal: You reduce the damage from any hit made by your Zealotry against you by 1 (to a minimum of 1 per hit).
  • Very Blinding Light: You can now use your Blinding Light ability twice per combat, and your penalty from Light Affinity increases to -3

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