“I love to watch things explode, and there is no easier target than a fixed structure.”

Saboteurs are demolitionists that love to see things crumble to the ground.  They are both heavily trained in their art and excel in populated areas, destroying structures with a trained expertise.  Eventually Saboteurs can even learn to use that expertise against Mechs and other units.

As a Saboteur, your Mech will can be of nearly any build, as it’s your knowledge of architecture that makes your weapons more effective.  You will receive bonuses to damage and movement around structures, and can treat immobilized targets vulnerable to your structural attacks.  Saboteurs aren’t the most specialized for Mech-on-Mech combat, but will make a mission much easier if it involves destruction of a structure.



  • Demolition: Anytime you hit a structure with any weapon and do damage, increase its damage by 1d6.
  • Climb Motors: When you make a Piloting check to climb (assuming you have hands), you gain a +2 bonus to it.  If you have Jump Jets and use them to boost your climb, increase their range by 1 vertical hex.
  • Make a Path: You ignore the first point of movement penalty when moving through a structure, and gain a +1 to Piloting rolls for moving through structures.  If you successfully move through, another Mech can follow your path.
  • Heavy Demolition: Your bonus from Demolition increases to 2d6.
  •  Infantry Demolition: When you attack a building that is protecting Infantry, they take damage as thought the building was one category lighter.  This includes the Demolition bonus.
  • Very Heavy Demolition: Your bonus from Demolition increases to 3d6.
  • Mech Demolition: When you attack a Mech or Vehicle that has been Shutdown or Immobilized, you gain your Demolition bonus against it.

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