“I was born to lead, and other Mechs are better off with me.  I lead by example.”

Officers are literally meant to lead their fellow Mechs and Vehicles into combat; they give bonuses to those around them.  Officers sacrifice a small amount of their own abilities to greatly increase the damage potential of their allies.  Officers also declare which targets should be attacked first.

As an officer, you are primarily based on the Targeting Laser, and its related weapons.  You will get the ability to declare an enemy and help your allies hit it, and to help them in many other ways, including defense and movement.  Officers make the whole Lance better than its parts.



  • Easy Target: You and any allies that benefit from your Targeting Laser gain an additional +1 bonus to hit that target.
  • Centered Target: When an ally benefits from your targeting laser, its missile attacks against the target gain a +1 bonus on the die roll, up to the maximum of the die roll (other bonus can increase it past that number, however).
  • Double Target: Your Targeting Lasers can be used on two separate targets; each target can only be hit once, and each is a separate attack (and heat).
  • Reserve Weapon: On your movement phase, you may declare one weapon “In Reserve”.  You cannot fire that weapon on your turn.  After your turn is over, you can fire it directly after an ally’s turn ends.  If it is not fired by the end of the round, there is no effect; it is not fired.
  • Very Easy Target: The bonus from Easy Target increases to +1d4.
  • Defensive Example: You may hit an ally with a targeting laser; doing so increases their Base Defense by 1.
  • Every Target: You can use a Targeting Laser to attack as many targets as you want, generating heat as normal.  Each Laser can only attack each target once.
  • Shared Movement: During your Movement Phase, you can take a penalty to movement to give an ally one extra point of Run Speed during the round; no ally can benefit from this more than once per round.

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