“Typically I work off the battlefield, but they call for me when they need me.  I choose who to help.”

Mechanics are the field medics of Battletech universe; they are welcome in any lance and are often targeted first by enemies.  Mechanics employ liquid gels that either harden like steel or cool a Mech down with great effectiveness, but it is very common for mechanics to repair their own Mech before others.

As a Mechanic, you will most likely use GEL packs; limited use repair fluid that can be deployed in a number of ways.  Your Lance will learn to work with you and to stay within your range or they will perish.  Most Mechanics also have offensive capabilities; missile launchers and GEL launchers have pretty similar controls.



  • Revive Pilot: At the end of your damage phase, if you are conscious, you can make a Pilot Consciousness roll without taking damage.  If you succeed, one ally on your C6 network can attempt a Consciousness check to try to wake up.  Failure does not hurt you or them.
  • Better GEL: Your GEL packs gain a +1 on their die roll for efficiency.
  • Weapon Repair: You may use a Repair GEL pack through a GEL dispenser to repair a weapon that was critically hit.  It regains use on the following round.
  • Larger GEL: Your GEL packs increase one die size (1d6 to 1d8).
  • Enhanced Biolink: You and all allies on your C6 gain a +1 bonus to Pilot Consciousness rolls.
  • Targeted GEL: When you roll location on a projectile GEL, you may add 1 or subtract 1 from the location roll, after you know the result.
  • Internal Repair: When you use a Repair GEL on yourself during the movement phase, it can affect areas adjacent to its storage (so a RT could be used on RL, RA or CT).
  • Extended GEL: You gain one additional use out of each of your GEL packs.

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