“It’s not about winning.  Fame and Glory come to those that know how to earn it, not to the victor.”

Gladiators focus more on battlefield theatrics than technique.  Many Gladiators are glory hounds or those who joined the Mech Corps to prove something to someone.  While they are not the best in one-on-one combat, they know how to use their Mechs to great efficiency in most situations, and how to use their skills to both distract their enemies and help their allies.

As a Gladiator, it is important you build your Mech to your playing style.  You will have many techniques available for learning both offensive and defensive abilities.  Gladiators consider their Mechs to be custom fitting suits of armor; it is important they both look and function with great efficiency.



  • Practiced Stance: If you spend at least one movement point but do not move from your hex (such as standing up or rotating in place), you still gain a +1 bonus to defense, as though you have moved 1-3 hexes on your turn.
  • Combat Gamble: During your movement phase, you may declare you are going to “Gamble”.  If you choose to Gamble, all of your close range attacks do 1 extra point of damage per hit, but every attack that hits you that round does one additional damage to you.
  • Fancy Feet: You gain a +2 bonus to Piloting Checks to avoid falling down.
  • Work the Crowd: You gain a +1 to attack rolls if there are non-combatants on the field or if the fight is being broadcast to the public.
  • Focused Target: If you are Gambling, allies on your C6 get a +1 bonus to hit any target you have gained the damage bonus on.
  • Expose Weakness: If you are Gambling, allies on your C6 get a +1 bonus to Energy and Missile damage against any target you have gained the damage bonus on.
  • Very Fancy Feet: Your Fancy Feet bonus increases to +3, and once per combat you can reroll a failed piloting check to avoid falling down.
  • Dedicated Target: If you are Gambling, your Gamble bonus to damage increases to 2, if you hit the target in the previous round.

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