“I am a kindred spirit to the stars, and the light of technology flows through me.”

Evangelists are followers of the Heavenly Kingdom fo Stars, sworn to preach of the light and prove the dominance of technology.  Evangelists prefer to use energy based weapons as they are instruments of light; and they are proficient at using light to both blind and damage their enemies.

As an Evangelist, you should be focused on using lasers to damage your enemies, or blinding weapons to incapacitate them.  You will have the ability to resist head trauma with the strength of you beliefs, and can help others around you with the same.  Evangelists can play both leaders and damage dealers, depending on the focus of their light.



  • Light Affinity: You gain a +2 bonus to Piloting Checks to not be blinded, and targets of your Blinding abilities take a -2 penalty to their rolls.
  • Resilient Mind: You ignore the first Pilot Consciousness roll you need to make in a combat.
  • Energy Affinity: You gain a +1 to hit and damage with Energy weapons.
  • Blinding Light: Once per combat, when you hit with an Energy Weapon, the target must make a Piloting Check or be blinded on its next turn.
  • Soothing Words: You may spend 1 Movement Point to give an unconscious ally on your C6 a free Piloting Consciousness check during the move phase; if successful, the pilot is immobile but can act in the weapons phase.
  •  Strength of Light: You are immune to being blinded, and energy attacks against your Mech do one less damage (with a minimum of one damage).
  • Bright Critical: When you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll, even if the hit does not result in a critical, the target must make a Piloting Check or be blinded on its next turn.
  • Very Blinding Light: You can now use your Blinding Light ability twice per combat, and your penalty from Light Affinity increases to -3.

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