“My Mech has the same weapons as yours, except mine are better.”

Engineers are mechanics that prefer to show off their work on the battlefield personally.  They modify their weapons to achieve better effectiveness then an off-the-rack weapon, and can repair and upgrade on the field.  Engineers can keep a Mech going even when it should be in pieces on the ground.

As an Engineer, your primary focus will be your own Mech.  You will have the ability to ignore critical hits and overcharge your weapons, and even repair destroyed systems.  Engineers pilot as many defensive Mechs as offensive Mechs, as their ability to absorb damage and keep a Mech working is legendary.



  • Charge Weapon: The first time you fire an energy or missile weapon in combat, it is supercharged.  Before you attack with the weapon, you can declare it generates double heat; if it hits, it does double damage.  For a Missile weapon, roll double damage on each location, and it uses an additional ammo. If you do not fire the weapon supercharged, the ability is wasted on that weapon.
  • Quick Fix: Once per combat, at the end of the clean-up phase, your may remove a critical hit from an Engine, Shoulder, Sensors, Hip, Life Support, or Gyro.
  • Weapon Repair: You may use a Repair GEL pack through a GEL dispenser to repair a weapon that was critically hit.  It regains use on the following round.
  • Recharge Weapon: Any of your Energy or Missile weapons become supercharged if you did not use them during the previous round of combat.
  • Miracle Fix: Instead of taking a movement phase, you may make a piloting check at -10 to repair a critical hit on an Engine, Gyro, Hip, Life Support, Sensors or Shoulder.  If your Mech is shutdown that round, the penalty is only -5.
  • Heat Dump: Once per combat during an Attack Phase, you may roll a d20 and add your Piloting Score.  Reduce your heat by that amount, and do that much damage to any infantry in your hex.
  • Internal Repair: Hits on your internal armor no longer trigger Critical Location rolls.
  • Extra Speed: Increase your Run Speed by 1.

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