“It doesn’t matter who blew up whom.  In the end, it’s the survivor that writes history.”

Defenders play it a bit safer than other pilots; they aren’t as great with shooting or maneuvers as other pilots, but they know how to take (or typically avoid) hits that would put down a fancier target.  Defenders have a tendency to forego the hard-to-hit targets and focus on the ones they can beat mercilessly, or on the mission at hand.

As a Defender, your Mech’s stats are reliable; you have a couple of opportunities to change your luck, but you will have a chassis strong enough to let you focus on a task.  A Defender knows he can take a hit, but many are more focused on avoiding hits – there are just as many fast moving, lightly armored defenders as there are armored behemoths.




  • Defensive Posture: At the end of your movement phase, you can declare a “Defensive Posture”.  Until the end of the turn, you take a -1 penalty to attack rolls but a +1 bonus to your Base Defense.
  • Reactive Dodge: Once per combat, when you are hit by a weapon attack, you can force the attacker to reroll the die.  You must take the second result.
  • Improved Repair: When a GEL pack is used on you to repair damage, increase its effect by 1.
  • Reduced Hit: When an attack does at least 5 damage to you in a single hit, reduce its damage by 1.  When missiles hit you, reduce each die roll by 1 (to a minimum of 1).
  • Increased Cover: When you gain the benefit of cover from any source, increase the total bonus by 1 (not one per source).
  • Very Defensive Posture: When you use your Defensive Posture, the Base Defense bonus increases to +1d4.
  • Allied Defense: When you use your Defensive Posture, allies adjacent to you gain a +1 bonus to their Base Defense.
  • Very Reactive Dodge: When you use Reactive Dodge, the reroll has a penalty of 1d4 (20’s are still a critical); you can use Reactive Dodge twice per combat.

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