“Sometimes it is better to be lucky than skilled. Aces always have a few tricks up their sleeve.”

Aces never excelled in schooling, but quickly find their stride on the battlefield. They are slow to learn basic techniques – and their Gunnery, Piloting and Defense scores show it – but they have a knack for picking up techniques (either developed by themselves or copied by something they saw); and they seem to be able to make shots that count when they need to.

As an Ace, you will rely less on your dice and more on the timing of your abilities, and the structure of your techniques combined with your Mech’s systems. An Ace may seem like he’s flying by the seat of his pants, but in reality he is a calculating son-of-a-gun who knows exactly how to get what he needs out of his mind and his Mech.



  • Lucky Attack: Once per combat, you can reroll an attack roll you dislike, after you have seen the results of the attack.
  • Lucky Damage: Once per combat, you can add 1d4 to the damage roll of any hit you make, but the result cannot exceed double the maximum damage of the attack.
  • Lucky Defense: Once per combat, you can add 1d4 to your Defense for all attacks originating from one target until the end of the round; you need to declare it before the target starts rolling attacks.
  • Lucky Critical: Once per combat, you can either add 1 to someone rolling a critical die against you, or subtract 1 from a critical die you are rolling. You must declare either before the die is rolled.
  • Lucky Dodge: Once per Combat, you can force an opponent who hit you with a weapon attack to reroll it and take the second result.
  • Very Lucky Attack: When you use your Lucky attack, add 1d6 to the roll; you still require a natural 20 for a critical. You can use Lucky Attack twice per combat.
  • Very Lucky Defense: Increase Lucky Defense to 2d4; you can use Lucky Defense twice per combat.
  • Very Lucky Critical: Increase the bonus from Lucky Critical to 1d4; you can use Lucky Critical twice per combat.

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