In this Universe, a class isn’t a specific type of Mech, but rather a type of training.  Sharpshooter could use Missiles or be a Healer; Ace can adapt to virtually any type of Mech, or Scout could be a melee type hulking Mech that just wants to charge into combat faster.

As you choose a class, you will find they do not define your style of play, but are rather templates you can build your mech from.  Each class is a style of training you prefer while learning to pilot your Mech.  Some classes excelled at the fundamentals and didn’t bother to learn any little tricks, while others were so busy learning tricks they forgot to practice the fundamentals.  And there are many classes in the middle, some focused on beating other Mechs up with big sticks and some that prefer to tell other Mechs what to do.

Here is a list of Classes, with a brief description of each:

Ace: Learned in many techniques but a master in none, the Ace relies on this Wit and Luck to win battles.

Brawler: A pilot who likes to beat stuff up with raw brutality instead of slowly chipping away at it from afar.

Defender:  Some pilots understand that to survive a battle is to win a battle, and learn defensive techniques.

Duelist: Duelists spent gruelling hours mastering basic maneuvers, turning them into an artform.

Engineer: Some technicians decide they cannot watch their babies get destroyed, and decide to pilot them with great effectiveness.

Evangelist: Preachers need a way to spread the word, and have chosen conquest is a method of preaching.

Gladiator: Some pilots care only for glory, and spend more time earning it then learning the basics of combat- but they put on quite a show.

Mechanic: Battlefield repairs are not easy, but they can turn the tide of combat.  Mechanics are trained in both offense and repair.

Officer: Someone has to organize and strategize, and an Officer prefers to do it on the front lines.

Saboteur: Not every target is moving, and Saboteurs excel at destroying structures not meant to be destroyed.

Scout: When a pilot has a need for speed, they learn to drive their Mech at speeds none other can achieve.

Sharpshooter:  When you know things needs to be hit and you understand that range is irrelevant, you become a Sharpshooter.

Zealot: Your beliefs are strong, and need to be shared with all, even if they reject it at first.  And don’t forget to punish the heathens.

You will gain one level per successful mission.  New levels give you increased Piloting, Gunnery and Defensive scores, as well as abilities and techniques.  If you gain a class ability, feel free to note it on your sheet; if you gain a feat, you can choose it from either Weapon Techniques, Piloting Techniques or Racial Techniques, if you meet the requirements.  Note that many techniques have a prerequisite, such as another technique.

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