Week 4 Prologue

A Friend in Need


While searching for a way to prove your innocence, you have decided to risk detection by reaching out to some old friends: Adella Dixon, a top notch support pilot who flew both supply and destruction missions, and Tucker Singh, a hard driving Mech pilot who came up from the Tank Ranks.  Adella and Tucker trained with you at the Mech Academy, and knew you would never betray the system.

You have decided to contact Adella’s parents, who were never registered with MCoP (Adella was registered as an orphan, as her parents were too poor to pay her tuition; you were close enough with her to share that secret).  Upon contacting them, you learn awful news: Adella an Tucker were investigated and arrested after your “treason”, and have been banished to the Gladiator arenas of New Seva.


Seva is an inferno system, where the dual suns keep the ground hot.  New Seva is the heart of the system, where miscreants and slaves are forced into gladiatorial combat for their masters.  If you are to save them, you need to disguise your Mechs and enter combat.  You know that the surface temperature of New Seva will increase your Mech’s heat every round, so you think it would be wise to build your Mechs with extra ability to drain heat.  You will also need to fight your friends, destroy their Mechs without hitting their head and pick them up before you exit the area.

Gladiators are also allowed one support unit each; you may want to consider your options wisely.

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