Week 2 Epilogue

A New Friend


After causing quite a bit of damage, you have completed your mission, and are given your reward.  While the locals are low on cash, they have some salvaged weapons for you, and a few of them volunteer to help you on further missions.  When you finally have a moment to catch your breath, you are greeted by the NewsNet reporter you saved from Alvis the Oscuro.

She introduces herself as Lantha Kordon, an investigative reporter for NewsNet.  She tells you that she was working on a story about supply shipments from this world that were supposed to be delivered to the MCoP and sold at auction, but they never arrived.  There was no record of them being hijacked before they entered MCoP protection, but also no record of them once they entered MCoP space.  She knows that someone stole them, and she thinks it was someone in MCoP Security.

You tell her your story, and she recognizes the name your former commanding officer – Commander Harrison of Exoplanet Supplies – he was in charge of receiving the supplies from this sector, and someone she had suspected of corruption.  She doesn’t quite believe you are innocent, but does think you were set up to take a fall for something.

While you are talking, a local runs over and demands your attention.  He shows a message intercepted on the MCoP frequency scanner:



Lantha sees that it is an obvious lie, but tells you there is nothing she can do to correct the story; no one will believe that you were there to save her.  Commander Harrison is a very powerful and trusted by the media- not a good enemy to have.  She warns you that if are captured, NewsNet will report that you are traitors, even if she protests it.  With a friendly smile, she gives you the address to her personal ComLink, and says “You need to go – but I’m sure we’ll speak soon.  You may be part of my story to expose his corruption.”

You and your new allies make for your dropship and fly off-world with haste, leaving well before MCoP arrives.

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